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Next edition in ...2021

Sanitary restrictions introduced due to the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to postpone the Beskidy MTB Trophy to 2021. It was a hard decision for us, mainly influenced by the global epidemiological situation
The change of the event date of the second oldest Polish and one of the most recognized stage events in Europe has brought many challenging moments, both for the participants and also for us - the organizers. We are not giving up, we are preparing this event all over again so that its fourteenth [14th]  edition will be different/better than all the other ones.

Over the course of a decade and a half, the event evolved on several levels. Invariably, the quality of the routes continues to be the most actual and strategic element that distinguishes this event from other events.


For years we have been trying to find unique, often unreachable for "normal people", sometimes newly created forest paths, single, technical sections. We operate only in the mountains, and their exploration gives us constantly new energy. MTB biking is exactly what has been turning us on for over a quarter of a century. Nature, overcoming natural terrain difficulties, but also the surroundings, the right scenery and the right company - this cannot be forged. Either you like it and give it your heart, or ... well for us there is no alternative, it is our life, passion and an essential element almost every day.
We devote a lot of time and energy to events, we ride, verify and analyze absolutely all of the elements of our future competitions.  Each participant has a 100% guarantee that our wheel has traveled through a single, trail or technical downhill, the approach (which also happens) enabling access / connection to the next interesting section always has traces of our shoes. To isolate our DNA we need three elements: bike, passion, mountains. If you identify yourself with our values - be sure that this useful "bicycle virus" will only strengthen your body. We would like to encourage you to take part in our event in 2021.


Please send all inquiries regarding fees, starting packages changes, distances, etc.
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