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At the turn of May and June weather in the Beskidy Mountains (seen nine years ago, from when we started organizing the event) is variable and its hard to predict . A specific exception was in 2007 - every stage of the race was conducted in the rain and in 2015 - dry, nice weather and extremely warm. In the minority, but there are also almost always sunny days, but most of the previous stages were in cloudy weather.

Cycling in the Beskidy Mountains is unique, completely different from what can be found in the Alps or the Pyrenees. Beskidy Mountains are closer (in their characteristics) to the mountains of North America. Most of the routes are part of the narrow, technical tracks, and despite the fact that the 'planned' (read: wasteful) forest management area is slowly changing the Polish-Czech-Slovak border, we believe - that savage, uniqueness and naturalness will distinguish Beskidy Trophy MTB from other stage races in the world!