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Stage 3: hard time on Klimczok

The 3rd stage was played out in very race-friendly circumstances. Well, at lease to some point. The temperature was really pleasant - not to high, not to low. A mild wind was also very welcomed, as the riders started the race with an initially smooth climbing section, that later developed into steep ascent that was a perfect platform to launch an early attack. And this is exactly what happened - both on Classic and Mega distance we could witness breakaways initiated by Bartłomiej Oleszczuk and Mateusz Mróz.

The weather was rather kind for the riders today, but it eventually ended up with a pretty heavy rainfall around Wisła. Once again, only the fastest riders avoided getting wet today. We guess we could coin a new saying „be fast or get wet”.


The fastest rider of Classic distance today was the GC leader - Paweł Kowalkowski (Cryospace Olsztyn) who spent 4h and 13 minutes on the course (the longest time of the stage winner in this year’s race). Kowalkowski outraced Belgian Julien Delaet (Hot Wheelz Specialized Racing Team) and Michał Neumann (CST 7R MTB Team). Thanks to strong but steady riding Kowalkowski gained  additional 7 and 10 minutes over his main rivals - Neumann and Oleszczuk. Yesterday’s stage winner Dariusz Batek did not finish the stage due to mechanical problems. 

Unbeatable Rita Malinkiewicz took another win home today after 5 h and 35 minutes in the saddle. Second today German Monika Eggert (MTB Eulenexpress des RSC Wanderlust v. 1890 e.V.) lost over 30 minutes to the winner. Third place for Seda Grenavetseva (Corto Team Russian Federation) who crossed the finish line 9 minutes afrer Eggert. It looks like Malinkiewicz sealed the GC win today, but only the last stage will  give the final answer to this question. 


The MEGA distance in men category was yet again dominated by Mateusz Mróz (MRÓZ ROWERY FOLTYN TEAM), who, just like yesterday, launched an early attack on the first climb of the day. Second spot for Michał Glanz of Warszawski Klub Kolarski, who lost almost 7 minutes to the leader. Third spot on the stage podium was taken by Maciej Stanowicz (Mitsubishi Materials MTB Team).

Anna Tomica won the women competition again. Just like yesterday she beat Katarzyna Galewicz, but this time her dominance was indisputable, as the Gomola Trans Airco rider had also 11 minutes  over the main rival. The podium was completed by Izabela Gościańska (DT4YOU MTB TEAM) who lost only 27 seconds to Galewicz.


It’s always a sad observation, that tomorrow is a last act of Beskidy MTB Trophy. The situation in General Classifications seems clear, but in terrain like Beskidy the final word belongs to the final stage. Who’s gonna take the Trophy home? We will learn that on Sunday.