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Quick Info

1. Date of the event

June 11 - June 14, 2020

Race office:
Middle school in Istebna, address: 43-470 ISTEBNA 1345 (location), will be open:
- Wednesday June 10 from 6.00 - 9.00 pm
- Thursday, June 11 from 7.00 - 9.00 am

Emergency number: +48 728 497 830

Riders are required before starting to appear in the race office to:
» Register and collect the registration package
» Sign the start list
» Confirm additional options
2. Race, routes, more information:
STAGE 1 - (what, where, when) - check soon
STAGE 2 - (what, where, when) - check soon
STAGE 3 - (what, where, when) - check soon
STAGE 4 - (what, where, when) - check soon

"Virtual competition" - Strava CUP -
3. Classifications
M2: men between 18 - 30 years old (born 1990 - 2002)
M3: between of 31 - 40 (born 1980 - 1989)
M4: between of 41 - 50 (born 1970 - 1979)
M5: between of 51 and more (born 1969 and older)

K2: women of 18 - 30 (born 1990 - 2002)
K3: women of 31 - 40 (born 1980 - 1989)
K4: women of 41 and more (born 1969 and older), if there are more than 10 women in category

TEAM (team members must be registered under exactly the same team name)
Men (3 mens)
Mix (2 mens and 1 woman or 2 women and 1 man)
Team composition should be sent by e-mail untill June 5th, 2020 to:

4. Starting sectors
Starting line order of the stage 1 shall be determined by the results got during the Beskidy MTB Trophy 2019. In special cases, the Organiser reserves the right to make individual decision about place in specific sectors (based on the declared level of sport or results in other races).

Starting sectors order will be sorted according to Open general classification results:
» 1st sector: positions 1 - 30 & leaders in each category
» 2nd sector: positions 31 - 60,
» 3rd sector: positions below 61.
5. Timing
Start of the each stage (CLASSIC distance) - 09:00 AM
Start of the each stage (LITE distance) -  10:00 AM

Starting sectors will be open at 08.30 am

The starting line will be open for 15 minutes after the starting signal. Riders who will cross the starting line after this period will not be included in the stage results and will not qualify as the race finishers.
Stage winners must be present at the award ceremony that will take place after every stage (approx. at 6.00 p.m.); failing to appear during the ceremony shall be penalized with time penalties: first absence - warning, each subsequent absence - 3 min.
6. Results
The results will be availabe in:
- printed version on the information board in the Race Village
- on-line version at:

7. Feed Zones
There will be 3 (Classic distance) and 2 (Mega distance) feeding zones at each stage of the race. Each feed zone location can be found in the stages description (point 2). Additionally hot meals will be served on the finish line of each stage (in the Race Village

8. Bike Service
» Bike Service (regular and extrawill be located around Race Village and at the route of each stage (limited time).
» Bike Service will have a majority of the spare parts, but every participant should carry all the unusual and fast-wearing parts
» Only clean bike will be accepted for the post-stage repairs.
9. Withdrawing from the race
Riders withdrawing from the competition during the Beskidy MTB Trophy, regardless of the cause of the withdrawal shall inform the Organizer before the start or after the completion of a stage.
In case of withdrawing from the competition during the stage, the rider must notify the Organizer by calling the mobile number: +48 728 497 830 in order to prevent a rescue action.
In case of not notifying the Organizer about the withdrawal and launching a rescue operation, the cost of such rescue operation shall be borne entirely by the missing participant or a team of participants.
In emergencies, bearing in mind the well being of participants, the Organizer with the race doctor reserves the right to withdraw a team from the competition.

10. Marking
We strive to ensure that our routes are perfectly marked, so you can focus on racing and enjoying the ride, rather than wondering where you should go. Unfortunately, it is increasingly common that people destroy our markings (arrows, tapes) before and during the race. If you are riding longer than 500 m (alone or in a group of competitors) and do not see the route signs we use (white arrows on blue background and MTB Trophy/MTB Challenge/MTB Marathon logo) or simply you are riding alone for a longer period of time on an unmarked segment of trail, you should check if you are going in the right direction. It is best to have a bike dedicated GPS device with a GPX track of current stage. If you do not have such a device, and find yourself in an above mentioned situation, immediately turn back or wait for the other riders. Always make sure you are on the race's route and you are going in the right direction.

11. Recommended equipment of a competitor
» at least two litres of drinks for each stage,
» energy bars or energy gels (according to the rule "better have too much, than be sorry")
» basic toolkit for bike repairs,
» spare inner tube,
» a pump
» bike computer or GPS
» functioning and charged mobile phone
» sunglasses

12. Massages
Middle school in Istebna, address: 43-470 ISTEBNA 1345 (location), will be open from 3.00 - 8.00 PM, after 1st, 2nd, 3rd stage.

13. Traffic
The Beskidy MTB Trophy will be held in a regular road traffic. In Poland, in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia on public roads riders must keep right and unconditionally follow all statutory traffic regulations.
Riders must exercise extreme caution for vehicles crossing the race course from farming fields, country and forest roads or in build-up area. The Organizer shall not be held liable for any traffic accidents or collisions on the course of the race.

14. Race book
All vital informations can also be found in the Race Book available on-line